In an earlier post we told you about some of the games we used during the course, but we have used some more… Today we’re going to tell you about some of them:

– The first one we would like to highlight is a game that has just been released in Spain. It’s distributed by Devir Iberia and it’s an incredible cooperative game. The game is called Flash Point: Fire Rescue (the Spanish version is named Rescate). Here you have some photos of the different elements in the game:

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We can tell you that the game was a success. We won, we had a wonderful time and we used a lot, a lot of English. We started by reading and trying to understand the rules. Once that was clear, we set the board and we started playing. In this game, all the firefighters have to really negotiate ever action they take; they have to collaborate so they can save as many survivors as they can at the same time the prevent the fires from spreading and hurting the foundations of the building.

Winning, anyway, was no easy task. There was a lot of fire and soon the possible victims were way too close to the fire. The explosions made some walls vanish into thin air and there was smoke everywhere. Luckily, we were a group of brave and very professional firefighters that were able to keep everything under control. We were able to successfully rescue the 7 victims from the house before it was eaten up by the fire. The family and their pets are very grateful to the firefighters of Lockhart Academy, they say.

Say Anything is another party game. It’s similar to Choose One, but it allows the players to be more creative. In this game, a student picked up a card with 8 different possible questions and chose one (ie. What would be the most fun thing to throw off a tall building?). The rest of the players write their answer one a mini whiteboard. These answers tend to be funny and witty. Each player then tries to convince the judge (the person who posted the question) that their answer is the best, and for doing so, they try to find the best (and sometimes unexpected) reasons. Then the judge secretly chooses her favorite answer. Each player finally votes (with two tokens) what answer they think the judge has chosen and then some points are awarded to each (or at least some) of the players.

It was a very funny session. We couldn’t stop laughing all throughout the game. Here you have a picture of the game contents:

Another party game where students get to know each other better, have lots and lots of fun and improve their fluency at the same time.

Another party game where students get to know each other better, have lots and lots of fun and improve their fluency at the same time.

Quarantine is a game that hasn’t been released in Spain yet. Hopefully, they will translate it and distribute it soon, because it is a very entertaining game. In this game, the players have to create their own hospital and then take care of some patients that show up at their door. Unfortunately, some special diseases appear in the middle of the hospitals and force their owner to temporarily shut some rooms and declare them in quarantine (hence the name of the game). The game is competitive, but in Lockhart Academy we organized it in a way that it became cooperative-competitive. Instead of each player managing a hospital, they had to manage the hospital by pairs. This meant that, before any decision was made, both people in the couple had to debate and negotiate until they reached a consensus of what was the best possible action to take each time. This made this game incredibly communicative.

Again, we had a lot of fun, thought a lot (there’s a lot of strategy involved) and used tons and tons of English. Here you have some pictures of this game:

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We still have three or more games to tell you about. Keep checking the blog or subscribe to get to know more about this fantastic course we did last fortnight!

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