Last fortnight (from the 14th to the 27th of July), we had a very interesting experience in Lockhart Academy: we taught English through games.

The course was targeted to students with an intermediate or higher command of the language. It focused on helping them improve their fluency.

What games did we choose to help them improve their fluency? Here you have some examples:

– One of the first ones we used was Pandemic. This cooperative game forces the players to communicate and to make common decisions. Everybody has the same goal, so they have to collaborate to reach it together: they have to prevent a set of diseases to spread worldwide at the same time they find their cure. Here you have come pictures:

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– Another game we played was “We didn’t playtest this at all“. This card game is a very, very peculiar game. The (almost) only rule says that you have to win and that if you lose you are out of the game. The rules change with every card a player plays. Here you have a game review so you can have a little idea of what we mean:

Now, this game involves quite a bit of reading. During the game, the players are all the time talking and having fun (commenting on the cards played or on the “alternative text” some of the cards have… Here you have some pictures of our students playing the game:

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– One game in which our students had a lot of fun, laughed a lot and used tons of English was Choose One! This party game made us share some of our weirdest secrets and allowed us to see what other people thought about us. After that, we commented on our choices, which allowed us to get to know us much better than before the course.

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We will tell you about more games we used in a couple of days. For the time being, why don’t you comment on this post?

If you were a student in the training course, which of the games that we mentioned in the post did you enjoy more? In which of these did you use more English?

If you were not a student in this course? What do you think of this proposal? What game do you think you’d have enjoyed more?

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