Today (holiday for a lot of people) we are sharing one of the stories the Adults A-2 group wrote. Of course, you will also be able to see the pictures that made our students write this story.

Dice that help the students create the story

Dice that help the students create the story

It was my very first day with glasses and I had to go to the city because the day before yesterday I had bought a pair of trousers and I wanted to change them. I took the bus and, 15 minutes later, I had arrived at the store.


I was about to enter the shop when I noticed a set of footprints next to it. The footprints were enormous! They were the size of a table. They had five huge toes. Based on those footprints, I calculated that the animal had to be, at least, 4 meters tall. I started to follow the footprints.


But in that moment something wrong happened. I didn’t know what it was but I started to feel more and more tired… exhausted. I fell asleep and then I don’t remember anything else.


Now I’m feeling very well because I was dreaming that I was going to Brazil by plane. If it’s possible, I’d like to fall asleep again as long as I dream about the same story!

We hope you liked the story! Feel free to comment on it!


Writing stories collaboratively – 2

Writing stories collaboratively

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